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Industries Industry Solutions Community Health Primary Health Networks Welfare Organisations Insurance Companies Government Departments Sports Organisations K12 Education Case Management Pharmaceutical / Medical Emergency Management Live Data Management Read More  Health and Welfare Enterprise Organisation Management solutions for Community Health and Welfare

Community Health and Welfare
PHN and Medicare Locals
Insurance Companies
Government Departments

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Teams and Athletes Enterprise Management solutions for Sport Organisation and Team/Athlete Management.

Professional Teams
Sporting Associations
Performance Management
Supplement Monitoring

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Education Solutions Enterprise Education Management solutions for K12 Schools and State based Education solutions.

End to end Education Solutions
Student Reporting
Attendance Solutions
Government Departments

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Create and Share Intelligent Enterprise Knowledge base Search solutions for organisations.

Call Centres
Organisation Repositories
Insurance Companies
Government Departments

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Find Out More > What we do Conekter creates industry specific web solutions for Client Case management that are secure, interoperable, deep and powerful. Learn More Security World Class Security Standards
  • Achieved CLEDS Certification
  • Data Encryption
  • SSL Transactions
  • IP Lockdown

Award winning software for eGovernance
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